Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Huffing for the Win!

Spray paints, aren't they just the greatest! Not only can you get exceedingly high, and die, you can also spray your models with it! So I bought myself 2 cans of Army Painters Dragon Red. This was quite expensive, but whoa was it worth it!

Other than some dramas with the undercoat (I'll get to that soon), it was really damn good! 30 minutes or so and we had all this stuff painted and ready to go. The downside was the undercoat. I thought id be fine popping down the the local auto shop and just buy some cheap undercoat spray. In theory this is not a bad idea, in practice it was a pain in the arse! Some models came out alright, others just lost all detail and had to be stripped.

My friend ended up buying some Tamiya undercoat. It coast me like $28 for a 100ml and 190ml sprays, but we managed to base coat all those models with those 2 cans. While i was thinking, hey, it only costs me $12 for this big arse can. It ended up being a $12 waste of time!

Next on the agenda was stripping models. I have used good old brake oil in the past and didn't have too much problems with it. If you have very thin plastic I probably wouldn't use it but it worked fine with my Khorne Bersekers. I tried the Dettol and it was a pain in the arse! Messy, stinky masty shit that has made my work area stink like dettol for days!